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What is the HBCU Showcase?

The event is for those prospective student-athletes who are focused on pursuing volleyball at the collegiate level or want to learn more about that process. The showcase will feature a quality lineup of college volleyball coaches who are there to instruct and evaluate players in an individual and team setting. The HBCU Volleyball Showcase is open to all girls high school volleyball players and has limited enrollment. 


  • Instruction from coaches attending the event.

  • Opportunities to ask questions and get to know the college coaches.

  • Position specific courts.

  • An open discussion about the NCAA and NAIA rules, and regulations. If spectators are limited at the facility, this discussion may be presented virtually.

  • All campers will be numbered so the coaches can identify each player.


All players will receive verbal feedback from the different levels of college volleyball coaches and local club coaches represented at the camp. Each HBCU Volleyball Showcase can differ slightly when it comes to feedback given. We encourage full interactions between coaches and players, therefore we do not provide written evaluations. We ask our staff to be fully engaged in the teaching and evaluating process and offer feedback when appropriate based on their experiences at their level of college volleyball. This will allow each participating volleyball player the opportunity to get a clear idea of where their skills may fit at the college level.



Each segment of camp will consist of skill evaluation, training, and instruction. Players will have the opportunity to receive advanced instruction from the coaches in their primary position. Each player will be taken through a series of drills in their specific position, including passing & defense, setting, and hitting & blocking. All players will be divided into small groups by their position. Players will receive continued instruction on their position, as well as offensive and defensive team concepts, during the competition segment. The coaches in attendance will run drills that they use with their own teams during practices. 

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